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Welcome to For The Horse

In October of 2011 we moved to Wild Dreams Farm in Harned, Kentucky.




In 2010 we changed our mission from being a rescue which rehomes horses to being a Sanctuary.

After 5 years in operation we've learned a tremendous amount about horses and the deep relationships they form amongst each other. As a result we've come to believe that asking them to leave the friends they've found, and the stability of the herd is almost a betrayal. The horses have come to us from other homes, and suffered the loss of friends and perhaps even family. Many were also ill treated. Here at For The Horse, they have regained their physical, mental, and emotional health.? Most importantly, they have come to trust us, and have formed deep friendships with other horses. To ask them to once again give that up seems cruel.


The horses who are here now, as well as any additional horses we take in, will have a permanent home for the rest of their lives.



For The Horse Equine Rescue believes that all horses deserve dignity and respect.


We believe strongly that horses, along with all animals, deserve a life free from pain, abuse, starvation, neglect, and torture in any form, be it physical, mental, or emotional.

We, as humans, have the ability to change our circumstances. Animals however, do not have that ability. Animals cannot free themselves from a life of abuse or neglect. They are subject to whatever care, or lack thereof, they receive from humans. They cannot run away from home? and start a new life. They cannot go to the store and buy themselves food. They cannot call 911 when they are being beaten. They are powerful - yet helpless.


Every year over 50,000 horses go to meat plants to be slaughtered.


Some of those horses are old and injured, but the vast majority are young and healthy. You might ask why horses are sent to slaughter - and the answer would be that they've become an inconvenience for their owners. People no longer want the responsibility of feeding and caring for them. Some are actually stolen from loving homes and sold by the thieves for easy money, but the vast majority follow a route from home, to auction, to kill pen, to slaughter.

This is a problem of lack of human responsibility just as it is with the vast numbers of unwanted dogs and cats that fill animal shelters all over the country. The only difference being horses can be sold, and money made, when they're discarded.